Welcome to Solidarity Pilates
'finding strength in unity'

Solidarity Pilates Ethos

~My Classes promote the on going development of physical & somatic self awareness with non judgment.

I aim for the student to leave each class feeling they've created space in their body, to breathe, move with ease, finding a sense of centre, inner strength & connectedness.

Using the practice of Pilates, these classes  encourage function, fluidity, ease of movement & release within the body structures.
An invitation for each student to develop an understanding of the patterning & postures of their body
& how best support their everyday movement. ~


Background and Training

I trained as a dancer, choosing to study choreography & the history of art at degree level. After Graduating with a BA honours I used my creative & dance background to develop workshops for Local Youth Services, working with a diversity of young people from different backgrounds & with a wide range of abilities; these workshops introduced young people to movement as a means of communication.

This interest in movement & movement therapy led me to train with the Pilates Foundation, qualifying as a Pilates mat work teacher

For many years I taught mat Pilates classes & one to ones in a  Physiotherapist Clinic working as part of the rehabilitation team.

During this time my interest for rehabilitation grew & I undertook a two year training with Pilates Movement Ltd qualifying 
as a fully comprehensive Pilates Apparatus teacher

Over a 5 year period I worked with three renowned Pilates studios, where I had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients who were looking for the Pilates method to best support their physical needs, be that from supporting them professionally as musicians, athletes & cyclists.
I also worked with clients that were preparing for or recovering from hip replacements, knee replacements or spinal surgery.
I have worked extensively  with those looking to release & re balance from a restricted posture that many hours of working at a desk can bring & with many others who are wanting to work to improve their general posture , strength & everyday mobility.

My on going interest in rehabilitation & the mind body connection has led me to undertake a two year training become a qualified Teacher of Mindfulness, Meditation & Compassion 


These last 18 months have provided the opportunity to take classes online using zoom.
The ability to continue to work with clients during these difficult times of Covid-19 has been a privilege.

It has been a time where working with both body & mind has been indispensable in creating a sense of overall well being.
These classes have also provided a time for many to come together in solidarity & community.

The opportunity to take classes online has also meant over the last year I have been teaching a Movement & Meditation class, these classes have focused on preparing the body & breath for mindfulness & meditation, & have introduced many people to the transformative practice of presence


If you are interested in developing a practice that supports both body mind, then this is an invitation to join me as we explore the Pilates method together 

Online Zoom Classes

Tuesdays 18:30-19:30 'Movement & Meditation'

Friday 10:30-11:30 Mat Pilates

Online & In person One to Ones available at different times through out the week.



In person teaching at

Mckenzie Hall Brockweir

NP16 7 NW

Mat Pilates (mixed ability)

Monday 13th September - 18th October 19:00-20;00

'A six week introduction to the Pilates Principles'

Plas Pilates Cardiff

Gileston Chapel, Gileston Rad, Pontcana CF11 9JS



10:30-11:30 Apparatus Class

11:45-12:35 Mat Class

13:00-14:00 Mat Class

14:15-15:15 Apparatus Class


For all enquiries & bookings please contact

Gae Dann



What people say about Gae's Classes...

"Gae is a wonderful teacher whose class I look forward to each week. She takes a holistic approach, encouraging clients to build an awareness of breath & movement, fostering a sense of curiosity, joy & acceptance. 

I've been attending Gae's classes for around two years now-first in the Pilates studio & then over zoom-I have benefitted so much from her approach. Her classes really are a joy & I always feel a positive difference in my body & my mood at the end of each class" Pauline

"I was unconvinced about Pilates until I met Gae.

Whatever mood I may be in before our classes, I can guarantee that I feel better, physically & mentally afterwards.

Gae seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of her subject & also an unfailing eye that spots even the slightest misalignment of movement" Ron

"Gae is an inspired & inspiring teacher.

Through my 1:1 work with Gae I have achieved huge improvements in my chronic mobility problems & energy levels" Kerry

"These classes have improved my posture, the exercises & breathing revitalise my whole body. These classes are a tonic, which I look forward to on weekly basis" Marion

"Gae is a caring & inspiring teacher...I look forward to each class & feel more relaxed, awake & physically toned afterwards" Sheila

"I have always felt fortunate to have Gae as our teacher. She is so knowledgeable & has helped to learn ways to help myself release my stiff neck, shoulders & back, how to strengthen muscles & even switch on my uncooperative glutes!. 

It is a very important part of my week which I do not like to miss as I know at the end of every class I will feel more relaxed & my body will feel so much better" Jackie

"I can honestly sayI feel so much better for doing these classes. If I miss one I really notice it in my body.

Gae is very encouraging & positive & uses a vey holistic approach her classes which enables you to fully relax both body & mind.

Gae is extremely good at adapting the class if you have any injuries, (I suffer with lower back pain from time to time), this enables me to still participate without worrying about doing myself further harm" Julie